Images and captions: how to insert them in the thesis

Inserting the images in your degree thesis can make your work appealing, especially if they perfectly illustrate what you are saying. How to position them correctly?

Inserting Images:

  • with Word: Insert> Photos> Image from file
  • with Open Office: Insert> Image> from file

Then look for the image to insert in your files and choose images that are not already too small: in that case you risk enlarging them to be grainy.

Image alignment:

Going to Image mode, the panel for image settings opens. Here you can adjust transparency, size, border and position. In particular, the icon with the “blue cat” with Word, defines the alignment with respect to the text.

With Open Office, right-clicking on the image, and selecting> Image … opens the same control panel where you can define the position of your photo.

With Office it’s easy to understand where your image will end: a practical drawing on the right identifies its position on the sheet. (The image is the green box).

By selecting Paragraph area in the Location dropdown, you will keep the image in the same margins you set for the text.

Enter the caption:

An image needs a short caption that reports the source and the title. If in the text you directly describe the image (saying for example: as shown in Figure 1 …) there is no need to insert a long caption. It will be enough to indicate the number of the figure (in progressive order from the beginning of the thesis), the possible title and the source.

Remember that even the images are protected by copyright, you always have to tell where you took them!

To insert the caption:

Here you can decide where to place it, how to set the numbering and which label to insert: Figure (in Office they are called Illustrations), Table, Chart.

The box in which you entered the caption functions as an image. You can decide to place it above or below the image, align it just like the photo:

Right click> Align or distribute

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